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April 18, 2010



March 12, 2010

Before leaving…

October 1, 2009

The treasure map

Just like a pirate, I’ve drawn a huge red X on a map to make sure I’ll be able to find the way to my treasure: Gabon. One of the few places on Earth where wilderness is still in charge as 80% of its surface is covered by tropical forest, which is home to a huge variety of species (198 mammals, 680 birds, 98 amphibians, 130 reptiles, 184 fresh-water fish and 6651 plants).

It’s not the only reason I chose this picture as the first thing to post on my blog, in fact I’ve realized nobody really knows where this place is. I didn’t know it myself until 3 years ago, when I happened to read an article on National Geographic full of wonderful pictures of African forest elephants, hippos bathing in the ocean waves and great apes.

Since then I’ve been accumulating information about Gabon and soon I will finally go see all this for myself: the forest, the savanna, the coast and the mountain landscape all in one nation. I will have the opportunity to take part in a research project regarding gorilla and chimpanzee populations in one of its national parks, so I will be exploring all the different ecosystems while walking transects and collecting samples.

But as with all beautiful things they gain more value when they are shared, so I will be taking pictures and updating this blog when I have the chance. It is a remote area and communications are a luxury, but I have family and friends to keep in touch with, so this time I’ve decided to take you all along with me to this adventure in the world’s last Eden!